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Understanding the costs

Simple single Wills can be prepared from as little as £250 plus VAT.  A pair of simple mirror Wills start from £350 plus VAT.

The cost of preparing your Will is a fixed fee, which will be agreed once your full requirements are known.  The cost will include taking your instructions, preparing a draft Will for your approval, giving full written guidance on the content of your Will and ensuring that your Will is properly executed.  MacLachlan will also store your Will free of charge and write to you once every five years to check that you are still happy with the content of your Will.

The following case studies will help you understand what our costs may be for your particular requirements:

Denise, single with no living relatives but many friends

  • She wants make detailed funeral arrangements to assist her Executors
  • She wants to leave six cash legacies to her closest friends
  • She wants the remainder of her estate to pass to her favourite charity

A single Will for Denise £250 plus VAT


Paul and Nicola, married with two young children

  • They want to leave everything to the survivor of them when the first dies
  • They want to appoint Guardians for their children
  • They want to leave Nicola’s jewellery to their daughter and Paul’s medal collection to their son
  • On second death they want everything to be divided equally between their children when they reach the age of 21 years

A pair of Wills for Paul and Nicola £350 plus VAT

Brian and Iris, married for 6 years, Brian has two children by his first marriage

  • They own their own home with a small mortgage
  • Brian wants to ensure that if he dies first Iris will be able to stay in their home but he also wants his share of their house to pass to his children

A pair of Wills for Brian and Iris with a Life Interest Trust to the survivor to allow the surviving spouse to remain in the property rent free for life and then, on second death Brian’s half of the property is divided equally between his children from £500 plus VAT

Elizabeth, widowed and living with her adult son who has learning difficulties

  • She wishes to leave her entire estate to her only child but wants it to be looked after for him

A Will including a Disabled Trust appointing professional Trustees to administer the Trust £500 plus VAT